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Join us for a new and exciting Kirtan musical experience. Dr. Freedom & Leela's soothing vocals will uplift and inspire you. They sing devotional Kirtan that silences the mind and uplifts the spirit






Dr. Freedom and Leela have toured for the past 20 years singing their mesmerizing sounds to over a million listeners.  The group has shared kirtan, yoga chants, meditation workshops and special wellness presentations at hundreds of shrines, homes, yoga centers,  programs, and concerts world-wide. Freedom (vocal and harmonium), Leela (vocals), along with Sunny on tablas tour extensively throughout Canada, USA, Central America, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania, Malaysia, and Mexico sharing music from their collection of 8 recordings.

All three members of the Kirtan Chanting group are Canadians.  Freedom, born in Kenya with parents originally from India, moved to Vancouver in 1969.  He began singing Kirtan, chanting and practicing yoga during his elementary school years and continues to share this passion to date. Leela born to parents from a Scottish heritage grew up in Nova Scotia. She is a professional soprano and blends her melodious voice weaving western sensitivities in Eastern Chants. 


This special blend of participating kirtan and chanting  music is a great experience for the entire family. Come and enjoy the uplifting, spiritual music and feel your essence.  Experience the sacred space in your inner self.

Listen to Guru Nanak's Shabad

KIRTAN ~ 'A Secret Passage to the Soul'
Specific sounds and mantras are collectively chanted to music, guiding the awareness inward. The repetition of these chants (mantras) vitalize the pranic energy (life-force) in the breath, illuminating the passage to the Soul. Experience the transformation of 'Sound to Light' - 'Breath to Soul'.

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