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Drop us a line if we can come share Kirtan in your area

We will be on our UK and East Africa Tour in March, Ap[ril May, 2011.. To schedule a kirtan, lecture or workshop in your area please e-mail us at info@FREEDOMandLEELA.com


Come join this group as they share the wisdom of the Gurus in very communicative way.  They bridge boundaries between cultures, faiths, and traditions. Many youth and adults do not understand the meaning of Gurbani scripture.  The bilingual heart warming presentation of this group makes a very difficult subject comprehensible, presenting complex language in simple understandable day-to-day words with practical analogies.  Don’t miss this special presentation. Bring your family peers and  friends  and find out how the power of Guru Gobind Singhji's message can help you overcome stress,  fear, anxiety, sickness,  and many other  unwanted physical and mental conditions.